Lacota Technologies' development methodology is based on the Microsoft Solution Framework. By following the framework, we avoid many of the pitfalls common to software development such as feature and scope creep. The following summary shows the various phases of application development;

  1. Initial Assessment Free consultation to review the project requirements.
  2. Envisioning Phase Establish the members of the project team and create a vision of what the application should do.
  3. Planning Phase Create the functional specification for the project.
  4. Development Phase Build the application and its infrastructure.
  5. Stabilizing Phase Test the completed components, fix bugs and usability issues.
  6. Deployment Phase Release the application and transition to operations.
  7. Project Evaluation Discuss the project and review user feedback.
  8. Support Lacota Technologies will remain only a phone call away to provide ongoing support as well as enhancements to all the applications we build.

By taking the extra time required to follow the Microsoft Solution Framework, we keep the project on track and highly visible to our customers.